Jared Hart 2019

There’s a local company here called Jetty that has grown to become one of the only successful surf and skate brands on the East Coast. They’ve done it on a philosophy called “Draw Your Own Line,” where you work to create the life you want. It’s the way a lot of us find creative ways to support our lifestyles by choosing non-traditional paths to enable us to do what we love.
On Friday night at their headquarters, they held the first Jetty Sessions Craft and Calling, a new series that spotlights people who draw their own line.
The first one featured Jared Hart, frontman of the Scandals and also Mercy Union, who are about to go on tour with Laura Jane Grace and the Devouring Mothers. He’s also built up a decent solo career. But like so many of us, he’s had to work so hard and make so many sacrifices just to get it started. 
He sat down for a talk with Jon Coen and then played an awesome set with Rocky Catanese. It was an awesome way to spend a Friday night with great music, vibes and people.